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We recently returned from 8 great days in Ireland. We covered the southern portion of the country and had a great time. Beautiful country and the weather was ultra cooperative!

The challenge for me was that the trip required quite a bit of walking on certain days. Other times we were on a bus. Overall, I walked more than I have in over a year. I was determined not to let it interfere with the trip. We traveled with another couple and I did not want them to miss anything because of me.

The only thing I decided not to attempt was the trip up the Blarney Castle. It was steep and a pretty good climb. In retrospect, good decision as I was not really into kissing the stone anyway and it would have been really hard on my knees.

Overall I did pretty well but I would be lying to say it was not a challenge. Most days were pretty painful and I found myself lagging behind the group most of the time. I just kept pushing and was able to get thru the trip without missing anything but kissing the Blarney Stone and I am okay with that!

I am back in the routine of the infrared sauna and hot tub which provides temporary relief but the root cause of the joint pain remains an elusive target.


One thought on “Ireland

    Pam said:
    August 5, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    So glad you were able to make that trip! I was so surprised to hear you had gone. Really enjoyed the pictures. Sorry your knees have been so much trouble!


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