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Sometimes is seems life really wants to test us. How resilient can we be? How many times can we get kicked to the curb only to get back up and push on. Apparently I am in for another test. To say that the past few years have had a few bumps in the road would be an understatement. 

This past fall I was forced out of a job / passion I had been lucky enough to enjoy for the past 12 years. New Athletic Director and at the end of last fall, my college coaching career was over. Sad for sure but to be honest, it was time for a change and I am looking forward to life without the grind that is (and the grind I loved), collegiate coaching. 

I wish that was the biggest hurdle I have to face this year but sadly it is not even close. I have been dealing with pretty severe joint pain since last summer. I had been passing it off as “old age” and maybe some residual scar tissue from a June meniscus surgery. 

Here I am in February and the pain has now moved to being almost hobbling. Most days I struggle to get in and out of my car. Hand rails for stairs are a necessity. Taking my pups for a 200 yard walk is daunting as I struggle to get back to the house. 

Multiple doctor visits over 6 + months to my primary care and orthopedic surgeon have produced nothing but more questions. Why do I feel more like 98 than 58? Lyme Disease may very well be the culprit. 

I tested positive for 2 out of the 5 necessary markers in the Western Blot test to be considered “positive ” for Lyme. So I guess I am “kind of sick”, but not really? 

My orthopedic surgeon tried everything in his bag of tricks and came up empty. My primary care went the standard route of antibiotics for 21 days to treat the possible Lyme. Nothing has worked and the pain is much worse and my mobility is more limited every day. 

I have been researching Lyme and it is very clear that it is a misunderstood and mis-diagnosed disease. I went to see an ND (Naturopathic Doctor) that specializes in Lyme and I am hoping he will provide some answers. 

A week in on new antibiotics and not much change. I understand it is going to take time. If I do have Lyme, it has been hiding and burrowing for quite some time. Based on my research and conversations with people that have first hand knowledge, the road ahead may be a rocky one. 

6 thoughts on “New Challenge 

    Fred Szostak said:
    February 1, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    Hey Tony sorry to hear of your news. Sounds like you’re taking more than your share of punches but gotta stay strong and dig in best u can. Maybe new doc will come up with more positive news for you moving forward. Hang tough


    peter wallis said:
    February 1, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    Wow bro another sideways hit! Lyme perhaps but RA might be a contender. Daughter Aureole has severe RA at age 41 due to gluten intolerance. She manages by very careful diet, no gluten, dairy, sugar etc. just a possibility for you. Glad you found that ND, as the other docs are not helping. Would suggest getting a gluten test…also take tumeric powder one of the best anti-inflammatory

    Hope this advice is ok. We love you bro and Are with you !!

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    Scott Dodson said:
    February 2, 2017 at 11:20 am

    Hi Tony, this is heart breaking to see. I really hope they can get to the bottom of this and make you feel better! Hang in there!


    awakeninggraceyoga said:
    February 2, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Thank you for your vulnerability in “putting this out there”. I am sorry for your struggles and hope that there will be some answers, some clarity to your limitations. Aging doesn’t have to be painful, but we need to honor our bodies when they say slow down. You know I believe yoga to be a panacea for all that is wrong… so for the deep peace and relaxation it brings, remember it is a tool in your kit. Just sprawl out on the living room floor and start moving the way your body wants to. We all have deep wisdom in our bodies (along with the aches and pains), so your body will show you what your need.
    Sending you warmest wishes for deep relaxation and peace in your heart.


    Emmanuelle West said:
    February 3, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    I am really sorry to hear this!! Like you didn’t go through enough!!! Hang in there, I hope someone can find a way to relieve your pain very soon. Keep us posted, praying for things to get better quick.


      latwallis responded:
      February 3, 2017 at 8:11 pm

      Thanks Emmanuelle. I will get it figured out. Just frustrating to be close to be back to at least close to 100% and now dealing with this. I am confident that things will turn in my favor.


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