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I made the all too familiar trek to Brigham & Women’s early this morning for my 2nd CT & MRI follow up. 

I stopped by the radiation unit to say hi to Jackie and Amy. Jackie was in and it was great to see her. Kate, my onocoligist’s nurse was also there so it was a mini reunion! They are such caring people and so good at what they do. 

Amy was not in but I ran into her on my way to the CT scan. I brought a Binkeez blanket for her baby who was born in August. She was thrilled with and it was great to catch up. We both shed a couple of tears as I explained where the blanket came from and that my team will be delivering 29 Binkeez to children at local hospitals over the next few months. Check out 

CT is in the books and they hit vein first try. The contrast fluid and injection make me feel a little light headed but it’s probably more the lack of food. Heading to Pats for a late breakfast since I had to fast for the CT. 

MRI is at 11 and then I see Dr Ferrone at 1pm. Hoping for more good news on the scans!! 

One thought on “Follow up Today

    Griffin, Shawn said:
    February 3, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Good luck today Tony! Hope everything continues to improve for you.

    Shawn Griffin

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