Healing Process & Upcoming Tests

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The healing process is an interesting one. Since being patient is not one of my strong suits, it never seems to be progressing as quickly as I would like. The last two weeks I felt like the healing was regressing rather than progressing. Lots of swelling early on in the day when prior to that it would slowly get more swollen as the day wore on. Quite a bit more discomfort as well which was concerning.

So far this week, much better. It is still really tight but swelling is down and walking is much better. I actually just went up and down the stairs normally and did not use the “good leg / bad leg” method which has been a standard since surgery. Doing a lot more walking and standing than in recent weeks so I have to assume that increased usage is a good thing!

MRI and CT scans this Thursday at BWH. It will be an early day as I need to be there for 7 AM so I will go back to my radiation routine. Up at 4 AM, out of the house by 4:30-4:45 and hopefully arrive at the Francis St garage at Birgham & Women’s right about 6 AM so I can get my parking spot! We will get the results on the 17th when we meet with Dr. Baldini.

Feeling good the scans will come back clean but there is that small shadow of doubt that creeps in no matter how positive I feel. Knowing how aggressive Sarcoma’s can be it is hard not to have those thoughts slide in and out. That being said, I am looking forward to celebrating Kathy’s birthday on the 18th with good news!

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