Bike Ride

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I was able to bring my mountain bike with me to the college today. I tested it out in the driveway at home and I was able to bend my knee enough to pedal pretty comfortably. 

So I put the bike rack on my car, loaded up the bike and off to the college for a 4PM training session. 

When I got to the college, I parked at the Carr Center where my office is located. Dropped off my computer bag in my office and set up my computer for a Skype call with Kathy who using China on business for after training. I changed into my turf shoes, walked to my car, got on the bike and rode the short distance, maybe 1/2 mile, out to the training pitch. 

It was not quite as easy as I hoped but I was able to make it out to the field. Out of breath a little and feeling the muscles barking at me a bit but I did it! It was a moral victory for me for sure. A week ago I could not bend enough to pedal the bike, today I could. 

The ride back was not easy but I made it work by raising the seat so pedaling required less bending. The 90 minutes of training/coaching was enough to increase the swelling to the point of almost not being able to ride back. 

All in all, progress is pretty good even though it is not as fast as I would like. The doctors said it would be 12-18 months to be 100% so I think I am way ahead of schedule.

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