Wedding Day Follow Up

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We had a wonderful day and even Mother Nature was in the mood to cooperate with the ceremony. It was overcast all day  until about an hour before the festivities were to begin and then the skies opened up to a beautiful combination of blue sky and white puffy clouds. Melissa was radiant and looked every bit the part of the beautiful bride. I was able to walk her down the aisle with not to much of a limp. I did have to slow her down a little at one point in the walk but all in all, it went very well. The father daughter dance was great and very emotional on many levels. Giving away my baby girl, being able to feel pretty confident I will be able to watch her and her family grow in the years to come and just being able to physically dance (very slowly) with her was enough to fill the tear ducts.

Everything went off without any major issues and the event folks at the venue did a great job. The grandkids spent most of the reception on the dance floor as they all, except Genevieve as she is not walking yet, have a love for music and dance. They were a riot to watch as they all enjoyed the music in very different ways. I really wish that innocence and joy never leaves them totally.

Chris, Melissa & Steve. So proud of all 3!
Chris, Melissa & Steve. So proud of all 3!
Father Daughter Dance
Father Daughter dance……


The Bride!
The Bride!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Day Follow Up

    awakeninggraceyoga said:
    August 13, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Tears in my eyes just reading this. Good for you and your beautiful family. The heavens are looking down upon you all. No matter how the future unfolds, this circumstance has opened you in a way that nothing else could. Funny how life does that.
    Keep up the good work. Sending love & light to you all.


    peter wallis said:
    August 14, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    Impressive how you were able to get all the important things in,in slower motion, the Walk and the Dance 🙂 Excellent…and our Glad Tidings for this moment event in your family like, PetrtheBro


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