Finally off the couch! 

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Since the surgery I have been pretty much on the couch or just limping around the house. On Thursday & Friday I was able to head to LaSalle College just outside of Boston to work at a college soccer camp. It was great to be out of the house and back on the fields coaching! It was a well run camp and a good staff of coaches from schools such as Dartmouth, Providence College, UConn, Cornell and Amherst to mention a few. 

I ended up working with Pat Farmer from Cornell and we had a good time coaching our group of players. We had kids from all over in our group. Finland , Canada, Florida, Indiana and even a New Hampshire kid. 

Today was a our ID clinic at Saint Anselm on our turf field. We had some of our top 2017 recruits among the 22 players in attendance. Perfect weather and the clinic went really well. 

After 3 days of coaching I am feeling pretty good. A bit sore for sure but it felt great to be out and about and back to coaching again. It feels better to be moving as opposed to sitting as sitting for extended periods makes the  stiffness worse. After sitting it takes 10 steps or so to loosen things up. 

Should be able to get the drain out next Wednesday when we meet with Dr Ferrone at BWH. Looking forward to that for sure! 

One thought on “Finally off the couch! 

    peter wallis said:
    August 5, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    coaching is always good for you, as long as you are not running yet !! LuvBro

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