Heading Home

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Much to my surprise, I am getting released today! I passed the PT test this afternoon. My PT tech, Mary, put me thru the paces of using crutches and a walker this morning at about 10AM and it was a no go. The pain was too much and I had to get back in bed. 

Round 2 was at 2PM after a few hours of sleep and I passed! I had to go up and down four stairs using the railing and the crutch and do it to the satisfaction of Mary. She gave me the thumbs up and we are heading home. It is really painful to walk on but I need to put as much weight as I can bear to help the healing process. 

I also have a drain that is trapping fluid from my thigh and needs to be emptied a couple times a day while noting how many cc’s of fluid were in the bottle. Dr Ferrone explained earlier today that when the tumor came out it created space inside my thigh. The body does not like empty space so it produces fluids to fill the gap. Eventually healthy tissue will grow and fill the space but for now the fluid has to drain to help prevent infection. 

I will be much more comfortable at home on the couch snuggling with Lily and Annie. Follow up is in two weeks and the hope is no infection shows up. 

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