Week One Post Radiation

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Things have settled into a pretty good routine since my daily trips to BWH in Boston are over. During that 5 week stint I got into a daily walking routine which is a really good thing. So now, instead of getting up at 4AM with a 4:45 or 5AM departure, I am up at 5AM and hitting the streets in and around my neighborhood for my daily morning walk. Our neighborhood is really pretty and quiet and the loop is about 2 miles. I also head down towards to center of town, stop at the Lamprey river bridge for stretch and then head back home. Depending on the route it is about 3.5-4.5 miles and a great way to start my day.

The last 2 days, as I am stretching at the bridge, there has been a very large great blue heron on the same rock in the middle of the river. He must stand about 4-5 feet tall and is very camera shy. I have tried to get a picture with my phone but he is off before I can get the shot.

My leg feels really good as there seems to be very little inflammation left over from the treatment. There is a little tightness but other than that I don’t feel any pain and just some minimal discomfort which is a good thing. If things have calmed down inside my thigh, and I feel they have, we should be a go for the surgery on July 16th. We will confirm all that on July 1st with Dr Ferrone. On the 1st I have an MRI at 7:45 and then a meeting with the pre-op team at 9:45. The pre-op team consists of all the doctors that will be involved with the surgery, such as the plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist.

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