Day 25 Done Phase 1 Complete

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What a beautiful day it was in Boston today. As I was coming over the Tobin Bridge this morning the view was amazing. The sun was just fully up, 6:00AM, and was spreading its rays over Boston’s Inner Harbor, the downtown area and Charlestown which is nestled under and on either side of the Tobin. All of the landmarks of downtown Boston, the Prudential building, TD Garden, Zakim Bridge and even the famous Citgo sign next to Fenway park just seemed to be glowing in the first light of day.

The weather was perfect for my morning walk. As I was walking I started thinking back over the past 5 weeks and realized some interesting things that transpired over that time. In doing the math, I covered almost 100 miles on my daily walks during my 25 treatment days. I also did not lose anything significant on those walks or at BWH, which for me, is quite a feat. I did, as I mentioned in an earlier post, have to go back and recover my water bottle a couple of times but I never actually lost anything. I went from being a non-morning person to one who looked forward to getting up and starting my day with a brisk walk. There was also an increased appreciation for things that used to sometimes go unnoticed.

I hit the 4 mile mark just as I walked back into the parking garage to get the flowers out of my car that I picked up as a thank you to my radiation treatment team. The young ladies that worked with me over the past 5 weeks are very good at what they do. Always making sure everything was “exactly” as it should be for each treatment. They were also all very sweet and I enjoyed my interactions with all of them. Their paying attention to every detail is a key cog in the process to eradicate this tumor. I can’t thank them enough for a job well done.

Next up is a July 1st meeting with the surgical team to map out all of the details to remove the sarcoma. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for July 16th and that date will be confirmed at the July 1st meeting at BWH with Dr Ferrone.

3 thoughts on “Day 25 Done Phase 1 Complete

    Diane Adinolfo said:
    June 17, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    It’s great that this is behind you. Maybe you’ll become a 4am workout person and Kathy can join you??!! There’s no doubt that you’ll soar right through the rest of this ordeal and get on with your life. Talk later. Take care. Enjoy the weekend.


    peter wallis said:
    June 17, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    you just answered my question !  ah, the things one notices when life circumstances change !   beautiful 🙂 The BRO


    peter wallis said:
    June 17, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    By the way, Tobin is the name of Greta’s son who just had first baby with Chelsea in Las Vegas….they were quick to name a bridge after him :+}


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