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Only 8 more trips to BWH to go with June 17 being the last day. It is odd but I will somehow miss the daily trips. Sounds strange but I really have enjoyed getting out and walking around the Fenway and Longwood Medical area. 

Some of the buildings down here are spectacular, Harvard Medical for example with all its marble and ornate designs. It is a really pretty area and I found so many different paths to get my miles in so it was never a chore. Being spring/early summer in Boston did not hurt either.  Had I been doing this last winter I have no doubt I would  celebrating the end of the daily trips in a big way. 

The treatments have been painless and I really don’t feel any side effects other than needing a midday nap but that’s kind of normal these days anyway! I feel fairly confident that we will be able to get the surgery scheduled around the 4 week mark, post radiation. The normal wait time is 4-6 weeks to let things calm down in regards to inflammation in and around the tumor. Since I am expeirincing only minor discomfort it seems to be a logical conclusion that the surgery will be sooner rather than later. I need to be up and moving ASAP so I am ready for Melissa’s wedding on August 9th. Really looking forward to that father daughter dance and the walk down the isle with my baby girl. 

One thought on “Single Digits 

    Emmanuelle West said:
    June 5, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    You are just awesome!! Thinking about you….almost done….hang in there my friend!! 😉


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