15 Down 10 to Go

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Day 14 started out like it could be a rough one. After tossing and turning most of the night (not sure why) I fell asleep a bit before the 4AM alarm and apparently I had my left wrist bent at an odd angle. The alarm goes off and my left hand is trying to shut off the iPhone before Kathy wakes up. My hand is like a dead fish, flopping on my iPhone unable to slide the alarm off or grip the phone. The numb hand coupled with being awakened from a sound sleep made it feel like the alarm went off forever, similar to car alarm in Walmart parking lot after a carriage set it off and the owner is no where in sight!

After that auspicious start I wondered what else might go wrong but thankfully it was a very uneventful day other than some traffic due to some much needed rain. Treatment was on time and I was in and out by 8AM. 14 down 11 to go. Then the highlight of my day was having coffee with a former player and captain for me at Saint Anselm, Siobhan Flaherty. She works in Oncology, of all things, at Beth Israel which is just down the street. We talked for an hour and it was so great to catch up. She is a wonderful young lady and a great nurse. It is so rewarding to see how former players, now friends, are making out in the real world and Siobhan is a shining example.

Today, Day 15 with 10 to go, started off with less drama (no dead fish) and other than huge puddles on Route 1 the ride was pretty smooth. I had to take to the indoor walking route today as the rain was really coming down. Between Boston’s Children’s, BWH and Dana-Farber being all inter connected it was pretty easy to log 3.5 miles before my appointment. The challenge was going past Pat’s Cafe on the Pike and smelling the breakfast foods and not stopping in! The Pike is a corridor that runs thru BWH and you can get anywhere in the 3 hospitals off of it.

3 thoughts on “15 Down 10 to Go

    peter wallis said:
    June 2, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    wow, my bro, you are making time fly ! ? Is the tumor smaller yet or less painful…. I am impressed with all your walking !!! Just back from a long trip…more later, The BRO


      latwallis responded:
      June 4, 2015 at 9:37 am

      Pedro, The tumor won’t shrink and it’s not really painful.It may become a bit more inflamed as the treatments finish up but so far it’s nothing a little Advil can’t fix.


    lat117 said:
    June 3, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    I can’t believe your 15 into this already! God Bless
    Your a strong guy Tony, and kicking cancer’s ass!!!


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