Day 12 Hump Day, Almost

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Today is the halfway point, almost. 12 down and 13 to go, so I consider it halfway and therefore “Hump Day”. On Sunday we will be over the hump and on the home stretch! Yes, I did say Sunday. They are changing over to a new computer system so they asked if I could come in Sunday to be a test subject for the new system. I get next Thursday off in exchange. 

Several new challenges this past week. The biggest one was trying to remember which coffee shop or food truck I decided to put my water bottle down at and leave it behind. I was up to the challenge on both occasions when that happened this past week. Retrieved one at Starbucks and then at Samis food truck across from Harvard Medical. Those of you who know me well are very aware of my penchant for losing things, water bottles in particular. I was pretty stoked not to have lost one this week although there is still a lot of Friday left! 

The other challenge was not to be wiped out physically by Thursday or Friday as I was last week. Mission accomplished! Got to bed a bit earlier each night, took a few power naps and here it is Friday morning and my energy level is really good. 

On my 3 mile walk this morning I decided to cut thru Bostons Childrens Hospital at the end of my walk instead of walking around. Brigham’s, Dana-Farber and Childrens are connected by walkways on the 3rd floor so you can walk pretty easily from one hospital to another. As I entered the lobby at Childrens there were multiple young children in the waiting area and it  pulled hard on my heartstrings. Seeing the kids with a variety of issues made me realize how lucky I am. Since I have cancer and a very aggressive form of cancer, that may sound odd but it’s true. I am strong and will win this fight and I am afraid that I cannot say the same for some of the other people I have seen here at Brigham’s, Dana-Farber or Childrens. 

As I am writing this post in the waiting room of the TX treatment area, a young woman (early twenties) passes by me in a wheel chair. Her skin is very red around her neck and she looks really frail. She is hurting for sure as she battles whatever she is facing. I have seen her here before a couple of times and she has the face of an angel. She certainly does not deserve what she is going thru. To my earlier point, I am very fortunate compared to what I could be facing and what others are dealing with every day. #blessed

One thought on “Day 12 Hump Day, Almost

    Bill Shimp Sr. said:
    May 29, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    Congratulations on hitting the half way point. Keep up the good work.
    God will not give you any challenges on a daily basis that you and he together can’t handle.


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