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Pretty much have the routine down for the next 5 weeks. Goes something like this: Up at 4:30AM and get a quick shower. Head downstairs, as quietly as possibly so not to wake Kathy, and make my morning protein shake. Bag is all packed the night before with snacks for the day, Ipad, my custom soccer radiation shorts, advil and assorted other essentials. Head out the door just before 5AM. Throw on the GPS in the Outback and sort out the best route to Brigham and Women’s. If traffic is light, 70 minutes. If not it can take 2 hours. So far the early departure time seems to beat most of the heavy traffic. 

Arrive at Brigham and Women’s and park in the new parking garage which most people don’t seem to know is open as there is a line to get into the one across from the hospital. Make sure to take the ticket as they validate and parking is free. Depending on time, I can get a 2-4 mile walk in before treatment time. As the weeks roll on my time slot gets earlier, 8:30 now moving up a little each week until I get 6:45 for the last couple of weeks. The walking will come after treatment as the times get earlier.  

Head down to L2 inside Brigham’s and go to the main waiting room to get parking validated and get my morning treat, a tootsie roll! They have a bowl at the check in desk, love those things. From there I head down the hall to the TX suite where I get my treatment. I get changed into my custom soccer radiation shorts and wait my turn. So far they have been pretty much on time and were even early today. 

Treatment, including double checking all the laser / tatoo line ups and X-Rays, takes about 25 minutes. Done early with most of the day ahead of me. I will spend a couple of mornings over at Harvard , 10-12, watching the Boston Breakers train. A freind of mine is the GM and another old soccer friend is the assisitant coach and they have been gracious in letting me sit in and watch training. Nice to been in a professional training environment and I   am sure to learn quite a bit I can take to my college team. The other days will be spent in ways yet to be determined but there will be some grandkid time in there for sure!  

One thought on “Routine 

    peter wallis said:
    May 18, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    NOW that is an early bird routine…wow…but does leave the rest of the day free,man i would take a nap along the way 🙂 Assuming you are relatively pain free from the treatments so far…am sure it helps to have a short radiation time… Much Continued Love andBlessings on your journey ! The B-Bro

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