Day 1 in the books

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Day 1 of radiation is done and dusted. The radiation techs took about 20 minutes getting me exactly where they wanted me.  A little push here, a little pull there and lots of going back to check the monitors and X-rays to make sure they were matching the CT scan and X-rays done last week at the set up appointment. They use the imaging in their software to make sure my leg bones are EXACTLY where they were when they mapped the targeting of the tumor. They are precise down to millimeters so they were not too happy (nicely of course) when I moved at all. It is amazing how hard it is to stay completely still, even when my leg is locked in a boot.

At one point near the end of the push and pull session, leaving the room and coming back to make finite adjustments, I thought they were doing the treatment as I was sure I felt something in my thigh. As I am thinking that it is not bad and not really uncomfortable, my tech Jackie walks back in and says we are ready to start……

The actual treatment lasted for 2 minutes and I did not feel a thing. The machined moved around my thigh in a 360 degree motion stopping at pre planned points to target the tumor. Pretty impressive stuff.

A lesson learned is don’t try to listen to Pandora on your bluetooth headset when you are in a lead lined room with 12 inch thick lead doors and walls. Not much service in there with the doors closed. I was wonder why the music stopped once they closed the doors, DUH!

Back at it 8AM tomorrow and again on Friday. Then it’s 5 days a week till the 17th of June.

One thought on “Day 1 in the books

    whitney said:
    May 14, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    Hi Uncle Tony, I remember how hard it was to sit still with my MRI’S and so I can only imagine how restrictive it would be trying to sit still for radiation treatment. I love how you find the humor through the experience by saying that just when you thought they were finished with the dosage, they notify you that you’re now officially in alignment for treatment to begin! Well since Pandora isn’t an option for use in the “CIA designed walls” might I recommend a song to sing to distract you during the 2 minute procedure. The Star-Spangled Banner; yep that was not an auto-correct spelling. It’s about 1 minute long (depending on who’s rendition you use), and I sing that when doing planks. I know it’s quirky but I’m telling you it works well to distract you through the process. Perhaps singing this song during your treatment will help to pass the time quickly… 😉

    Love ya and keep up the fight in kicking this cancer ‘s A$$!!!



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