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Just finished up getting “mapped” for my treatments that start next week. They fitted me with a “boot” and gave me 5 tatoos. The tatoos will be lined up with lasers and in combo with the boot and the special board on the machine will keep my leg in the same exact spot for each visit. 

I met the physicist who is responsible for the amount of radiation and will work with Dr. Baldini in the exact targeting of the treatment. 

On a bit of a down note, the tumor has increased in size a bit and is now closer to the femur than before. That explains the increase in pressure I have felt over the last few weeks. It also means the femur will see more radiation than what was in the original plan. It also tells me that we are very fortunate for not waiting and brushing it off as something unimportant. 

One thought on “Mapping Complete

    Scott Dodson said:
    May 5, 2015 at 11:33 am

    I am glad they are getting this moving and so happy you found his when you did. The technology is amazing to hear about and light years ahead of the old days.

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