Mapping Day Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, May 5, is the day they map out exactly where they will target the radiation. I have an appointment at Brigham and Women’s in Boston with Dr. Baldini at 9AM. I am interested to see how they do things. I know I get little tattoos the size of ball pen marks that they will use lasers to help line up the photon beam. They will also be making a cast for my leg to keep everything in the same place everytime I come in for treatment. I get another CT and MRI as well as an X-Ray to pinpoint the tumor and the margin they will be targeting around it. It takes her a week to use all the data gathered tomorrow to program the software for my treatment. Pretty high tech stuff.

Feeling quite a bit more pressure in my thigh over the last few days. The Advil and Tylenol help but not as much as before. I have been pretty active with the warm weather riding my bike and walking with Kathy. The exercise may be causing a little inflammation but I will not sit around and let this thing keep me from doing the active things I like to do everyday.

One thought on “Mapping Day Tomorrow

    Joanne said:
    May 5, 2015 at 6:59 am

    Positive thoughts Tony.


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