First day at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

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April 8th 2015

Kathy and I made the trip to Dana Farber to meet with Dr Marco Ferrone who is a specialist in Sarcoma tumors. From the second we arrived there, and neither of us had been there before, the people were so welcoming and helpful. There is a sadness that you feel seeing so many people clearly suffering from cancer but that is trumped by the warmth and compassion shown by all the employees and volunteers that work at the Dana Farber. They are very busy and have so many patients but yet there is such a flow to what they do and they are so well organized it was impressive. Truly an amazing place and we are blessed to have it located so close to us.

The visit including getting x-rays and blood work along with our visit with Dr Ferrone. Dr Ferrone was very helpful in explaining the path we will be taking. He was clear that there is some type of tumor in my thigh but until we get a biopsy, we don’t know exactly what it is. We are taking the tact of treating it like a Sarcoma until we know otherwise.

We have a CT torso scan scheduled at Brigham and Women’s (next door to the Dana Farber) at 4:30 today. The CT scan will show if I have any other “spots” as the doctor called them. I feel pretty confident that the scan will not show anymore “spots” and then we move on to getting a biopsy of the tumor in my thigh.

One thought on “First day at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

    Amanda said:
    April 9, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Love you ❤


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